With a rich history of innovation & craftsmanship

Shimano is a 100 year old, Japanese, family owned business. When the company was founded, it was decided to produce bicycle freewheels. To be able to do so, this requires the highest levels of technology and skills to produce. Later on they started producing Fishing reels as well.

Today, one century later, they are a global company. Acting with respect to people and nature. Well known for their high quality, specialized equipment and components in bicycle and fishing sports.

When working with Shimano, you’ll become blue blooded. You can sense the passion and pride in what is being created, whilst working in a warm culture.

Mission statement Shimano:

“To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us.”


Define the components to build a best-in-class Omnichannel Customer Experience

We were hired to guide the process of defining the European CX program, in a future proof manner. The E-commerce program was at it’s core, as the foundation to deliver an omnichannel experience.

In the era of intelligent information engines driving experiences fit for customer’s expectations, data is key. There were other projects identified to be able to deliver Shimano’s ambition on the long term.

One of these projects was the development of a digital strategy and architecture, as the foundation.

We assessed the context and identified the starting point – where Shimano is standing today – to support them to set out a path towards the future.


A digital strategy fit for furture context

One of the workstreams we’ve delivered was the digital strategy. Part of the digital strategy was an organizational growth model and the Business Architecture. This included Architectural principles and was translated into the high level Information Architecture.

The tangible business impact can’t be proven yet, since the first blocks are currently being implemented.

The result was a highly satisfied client,  making the implementation a business priority, with enthusiasts in the business to support it. On strategic, tactical and operational levels.


What our clients say about us

I usually don’t publicly recommend people easily, only if they truly deliver quality. But I recommend Janne Marie and Derk.

Marc van Rooij

President Shimano Europe


-Marc van Rooij- President

“10DED guided the process of defining our digital strategy and architecture. They also assessed the context and identified the starting point – where we are standing today – to support us to set out a path towards the future.

They were complete, comprehensive in their approach, direct in their communications and delivered fast. The deliverables were very detailed and at the same time created in an understandable manner.

Most importantly, the 10DED team delivered truly valuable insights, which we have embraced and act upon on both strategic, organisational and operational levels.”

-Thom van Egmond- CFO

“10DED was hired to design a Global B2B E-commerce program, to deliver Shimano Europe’s customers the right customer experience through the right channel.

Janne Marie led the track from A-Z. From defining and analyzing governance, understanding the largest risks and challenges, defining the projects and sprints that were needed and which capabilities and roles are needed to be successful.

This program included a digital strategy and architecture for the business and the design principles applicable for every individual project, based on developing the digital organization in a future proof manner.” 


What our clients say about us

I got to know Janne Marie and her colleagues as quality focused consultants, with a passion and drive for cracking complex organizational systems not fearing to make themselves redundant.

Thom van Egmond

CFO Shimano Europe