A sustainable family brewer with roots in local soil

The brewery was founded in 1719. Where currently the 7th generation of the Swinkels family are leading the company.

It’s an innovative, adaptive, human centred organisation where you can actually sense the family vibe and be part of the family yourself. They have a passion for beer and are innovative and inventive.

They have been innovating and adapting to the ever-changing world, for 300 years now. Working on passing through a better organization for the next generation.

You can sense the warm culture of togetherness. A company built on people by great people.

Mission Statement Swinkels Family Brewers:

“We want the world to enjoy our beer”


Translating strategy 2020 into the commercial landscape

At the time of the assignment, Swinkels Family Brewers was called Bavaria. They’ve defined a new strategy towards 2020 which needed to be translated into the commercial landscape.

Janne Marie took up the whole program from A-Z. She reported functionally into the program board consisting of three board members. This for B2B, B2C, Marketing, Sales, Service and E-commerce.

From defining the digital strategy, selecting and building vendor partnerships, defining the architecture en setting up the roadmap including organizational impact, governance model, capability building and change management.

All business driven, translated to a way of working supported by technology, in a sustainable and future proof manner.


The number 1 most reliable supplier in Ethiopia

Using standard software, where the implementation was strategy based. Architected in a human centric way.


Where people use it intuitively, the magic of data is proving its value and the landscape is ready for all innovations to come.


Customers rated Habesha the number 1 most reliable supplier only six months after second project went live. Improved supply chain &  distribution, improved sales performance, improved service. This was the proven business value in a suit shell.


Standard SAP SaaS solutions, implemented according to standard. Ethiopia doesn’t have addresses nor postal codes, and a less reliable infrastructure. Role based apps were built to deliver the ultimate employee experience.

Program Management

All projects delivered within time, budget and above expectations.  First delivery was 4 months after approval, second delivery 3 months later, the third project delivered 4 months later. Implemented across the whole of Ethiopia where end-users were highly satisfied.


What our clients say about us

Janne Marie really challenged us and supported us to shape the digital route we’re taking now. Highly recommended to support you in preparing yourself for the future.

Stijn Swinkels

Member of board of directors at Swinkels Family Brewers


-Stijn Swinkels- Chief Innovation Officer

Janne Marie was a catalyst for our  digital transformation. She started building the foundation, by defining the digital strategy and architecture for the commercial domain, pushing the agenda and creating movement. The objective was to build a sustainable landscape ready for the future.

She has made predictions to shape the strategic route, taking future technological developments into account, which is going as foreseen.

The results are really starting to deliver. For example, we are now able to apply Artificial Intelligence enabling us to offer the right Customer Experience, where this is almost at the prescriptive level.

It was part of the plan and all possible because of the way the landscape was designed with the vision to become data led. Janne Marie really challenged us and supported us to shape the digital route we’re taking now.