Our Mission: To Humanize Technology

To empower to lead into the future

Succes depends upon you and your partners

10DED stands by your side. to prepare and support you to successfully lead your organization into the digital era. To do the right things, in the right order. And then find the right partners to realise your success. We do this for customers, suppliers and service providers.

It is essential to know what to ask who, at which moment in time and the responsibilities that come with it. Not doing this right usually means substantial unforeseen costs and disappointing results.

Or worse; perceived as successful today, being a blocker for tomorrow.

Integrity is key

What will work for others, might not work for you. We focus on realising your definition of success, based on who you are.

Our revenue model explained: we don’t accept kickback fees or license fees from service providers and technology partners. This as a precondition to be able to stand in the middle of everyone, focus on value to build true and strong connections..

This full transparency makes us different from the rest. We are providing honest advice to make ourselves redundant as fast as possible. Our goal is to leave you and your people with a positive, memorable impact! Weather you’re a integrator, a vendor or a changing organization. Value will be created for all.

“We support you in driving your organization for tomorrow and the future to fundamentally solve the challenges of today.”

Empathy is core to our culture

Be you, be real, be brave, exceed


Making the difference

Janne Marie van Vlastuin

Strategist & Architect

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Derk Erbé

Strategist & Architect

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Bram Weerts

Executive Advisor

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