Supports organizations to be able to deliver successful projects, by focussing on long-term value generation and the development of the organization as a whole.

Todays challenges require a new way of doing things. This also applies to technology. The awareness that IT projects shouldn’t exist,  is fundamental to be able to focus on value and become truly succesfull.


“I solve problems”.

Deeply interested in organizations and their relevance in the external context. Developed her own careerpath  to understand change, from ‘external influence to IT system development’. Keeps developing herself in Macro Economics, (New)Technology, Data, Organizational & Social Science.

The past decade consisted of complex roles, mostly reporting directly to the Board.  Tying together organizational change, IT design, People development, Data & Analytics and Commercial development (Sales, Marketing & Service). Al high impact-high risk programs, delivered or exceeded expectation.

Roles she fullfills

  • Architecture
  • Organizational Change
  • Program Management
  • Organizational Design
  • Business Process Design
  • IT systems design
  • IT Development
  • Data & Analytics (Architecture, Governance & Strategy)
  • Sales & CRM Strategy development
  • Customer Experience Development
  • Various business leadership roles in Marketing, Sales, Service

Training & Education