Systemic Innovation

Learn the method to do it yourself

Building a better future starts with understanding today. Changing one thing in your ‘ecosystem’ causes other things to change as well. This is why new problems emerge when others are solved. 

Systems thinking is a way how you look at the world. Not denying the complexity, but empowering the power of diversity.

By creating a shared view on the larger context and understanding of movements and relationships, you can peel off the system to get to deeper levels which you can influence to drive sustainable change.

Systems and sub-systems

To take a good look at you and the dynamic world around you

We provide you with tools and a thinking framework to identify the real problems and opportunities, instead of just the obvious ones staring you in the face.

It will also support you in identifying the elephants in the room, dogma’s, and sacred cows. Awareness of this specifically, empowers you to think outside of the regular context. To identify impactful opportunities, relating it back to your own purpose and organization. 

By going through this process and involving multiple people, with various backgrounds and perspectives, you’re able to fill in many blind spots. And define a holistic understanding of the context, driving sustainable change together.

When to apply?

To create a common view

There are different levels of systems in which you can apply this: personal, team, organizational, domain, society, and the world. It will support you in architecting movement and change, aligned with your purpose.

  • As input for defining strategy
  • To shape your digital transformation
  • As a basis for the short-mid-longterm planning
  • To create an understanding of wicked problems
  • To build a suitable approach for a high impact project
  • To get your (leadership) team aligned on priorities
  • To increase stakeholder engagement

Complex Systems Thinking Sprint

Cracking your system together

At the end of this 6- to 8-week sprint, you’ll have a list of the largest impact priorities on a macro, meso, and micro level, which you can tackle within your system to become more successful.

It will unveil opportunities and threats that you might not have contemplated before. You’ll be surprised what you already know but haven’t put in context yet. 

Making use of the knowledge and experience of your own people, within and outside the boundaries of your own organization, is valuable. It will save you a lot of consulting costs and prevent failing projects. 

To engage and empower