Executive advisory differs from consulting

It's an executive sounding board and certified coach, who also has extensive experience leading business. It is about partnerring in solution creation or be a thought partner in certain areas of your responsibility.

To illustrate what that means, start with what it is not:

Not a management consultant
⊗ Not a life coach
⊗ Not a psychologist
⊗ Not a fitness instructor

So we don’t spend 50 hours per week on the ground and do the work for you.

Why make use of an executive advisor?

What's the use for a C-level executives, to have a thought partner, with leadership experience in both technological and commercial functions?

It’s your vision
It becomes your track
⊕ It limits consulting costs
⊕ It’s more sustainable

Your vision
When hiring a consultant, he (or she) is the face of the change, holds the project leadership position actually implicating you don’t know how to do the work. The relationships with other departments are built, but not by you.

Higher engagement
This can of course be a conscious strategy taking up high risk projects, or when difficult changes need to be implemented. But when it comes to building strategy and vision, it doesn’t work to your benefit.

It’s your track at limited costs
When consulting an executive advisor, you get to do build those critical relationships yourself. Having a thought partner in for 1 – 8 hours per week, that supports you in leading the change, makes you the real face of the initiative. You are seen as a skilled leader going forward, which supports the acceptance of change.

More sustainable
You yourself will teach your team how to do it, save lots of consulting money, and build greater in-house capabilities. Not just keeping the knowledge on this track in house. The things learned can also be applied to future initiatives.

What does this investment deliver?

Heavy increase in successful projects

One of the most critical succesfactors for delivering successful projects, with a technical and transformational component, is the executive steering it. Sometimes consulting forms benefit from a certain lack of knowledge. Their revenue model, most of the time, is based on spending time. The less knowledge, the more time they spend. That’s simple.

By supporting you in identifying specific challenges for you, filling in certain gaps, will help you not dodging these points, where it will cost you a lot and you will still get nothing.

Our advisory service will enable you to become a digital leader yourself, which will save you tons of reports, which usually end up in a drawer, and enables you to get some action.